Smooth camera preview with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

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Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is a feature in ARCore that helps to reduce camera shake in videos. It works by detecting small movements in the camera and then compensating for them by shifting the image being displayed. This can help to create smoother, more stable videos, even when the camera is moving around.

Benefits of EIS

The benefits of using EIS in ARCore are:

  • Reduced camera shake
  • Smoother, more stable videos
  • More cinematic feel in videos

Understand EIS

When EIS is enabled in ARCore, the movement of camera is measured using the device's gyroscope. ARCore calculates the transforms necessary to correct both the rolling shutter and camera movement using the image's metadata. Your AR app uses the new coordinates for device display and camera texture to render the stablized camera texture. When EIS is on, ARCore provides modified camera projection matrices to match the transformed camera background and render the virtual assets at right place in the scene.

Supported devices

Not all ARCore-compatible devices support EIS for all device and camera configurations. Use a runtime check to determine if the current configuration is compatible with EIS. For more information, see the developer guides.