Quickstart for ARCore Extensions for Android

Get started with building your Android apps using AR Foundation.

About AR Foundation

AR Foundation is Unity's high level, cross platform API to support Augmented Reality. AR Foundation lets you write your app once, and build for either Android or iOS.

For details about AR Foundation, see Unity's AR Foundation page.


Using ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation to build for Android requires the following hardware and software.



The following Unity packages are required, they will be installed automatically by the Unity package manager's dependency management system when you install the ARCore Extensions package in the next step:

  • AR Foundation package version 2.1.3.

  • ARCore XR Plugin package version 2.1.1.

  • Multiplayer HLAPI package version 1.0.4.

    You may encounter compatibility issues if you do not use these versions.

Get the ARCore Extensions package

The ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation package is available from GitHub:

  1. Download the latest arcore-unity-extensions-*.tgz from the GitHub releases page.

  2. Extract the downloaded archive to a local folder. Make sure it's a location that is convenient -- after you install the package into your project, you won't be able change the folder's location or contents without first uninstalling the package. You may reinstall the package after changing the folder location.

Create a new project and import the ARCore Extensions package

  1. Open Unity and create a new 3D project.

  2. To import the ARCore Extensions package downloaded from GitHub into your project, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Package Manager (choose Window > Package Manager).

    2. In the top left corner of the Package Manager, click the + (plus) button. Choose Add package from disk…

    3. Locate the local folder where you unzipped the archive, and select the package.json file, then click Open.

    4. Wait a moment while Unity installs this and dependent packages into your project.

Next Steps