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Cloud Anchors developer guide for ARCore Extensions

Learn about working with Cloud Anchors in your own apps.

If you are new to Cloud Anchors:

Enabling Cloud Anchors in your app

By default, Cloud Anchors are disabled in ARCore. You can enable Cloud Anchor capabilities in your ARCore Extensions configuration.

Note that the ARCore Cloud Anchors sample app ships with Cloud Anchors enabled for demo purposes only.

Add an API Key

To use the ARCore Cloud Anchor API in your app, you'll need an API Key.

  1. Obtain an API Key. See Setting up API keys in the Google Cloud Platform Console Help Center if you are new to working with API keys.

  2. Enable the ARCore Cloud Anchor API for your Google Cloud Platform project.

  3. Add your API key to your project:

    • In Unity, go to Edit > Project Settings > Google ARCore.
    • Add your API key to the Cloud Anchor API Keys field.

Performance considerations

Note the following when enabling Cloud Anchors capabilities in your app:

  • Memory usage will increase when you enable Cloud Anchors.

  • Battery usage is expected to be higher due to increased network usage and CPU utilization.

API Quotas

The ARCore Cloud Anchor API has the following quotas for request bandwidth:

Quota type Maximum Duration Applies to
Number of anchors Unlimited N/A Project
Anchor host requests 30 minute IP address and project
Anchor resolve requests 300 minute IP address and project

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