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Augmented reality design guidelines

Augmented reality is a rapidly evolving field. Many developers and designers will find themselves in unfamiliar territory when creating AR experiences.

Likewise, many users may experience AR for the first time in your app, and will start with a wide range of possible expectations and assumptions.

To get started creating compelling AR experiences, review our Augmented Reality Design Guidelines. These guidelines are informed by foundational research and offer insights and ideas that can help you design better AR experiences for your users.

ARCore Elements

ARCore Elements is a demonstration app that makes high-quality AR production accessible and fun.

It shows you how to set user expectations in AR, how to encourage users to move around in and explore the AR world, how to interact with virtual objects, and more.

AR Principles and Patterns Covered

  • Designing environments
  • Creating and manipulating virtual objects
  • Real-world movement
  • Making a user interface