Case studies

Streem app

Category: Lifestyle

By creating a remote, AR-enabled, audio/video-based offering, Streem users can connect in real-time to a professional who can leverage the AR features of the phone to provide guidance and instruction, take measurements, and even project potential solutions into the space.

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TendAR app

Category: Game

TendAR is a virtual pet game app. Using ARCore, Tender Claws created a virtual fish that lives in the real world and is controlled by user’s facial expressions, and can only survive by “eating” other people’s emotions.

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Curate app

Category: Real-Estate

The Curate app by Sotheby’s uses ARCore to bring a home’s virtually staged images from a flat, 2D screen into the house itself, through the power of augmented reality (AR). This gives prospective homebuyers the ability to envision the house in their personal taste and style, while empowering the real estate agent to present it objectively and neutrally. The app also alleviates the need for real estate agents to physically stage homes, saving the costs of renting or buying and storing furniture.

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