type DailyVolumeSettings (v202105)

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Settings to specify daily ad opportunity counts that will be used as the expected future traffic volume for a forecast adjustment.

For example: [10000, 20000, 5000] indicates expected traffic for the targeting specified on the parent traffic forecast segment of 10,000 ad opportunities for the first day, 20,000 ad opportunities for the second, and 5,000 for the third.





The list of ad opportunity counts. Each value in this list represents the expected number of ad opportunities on the corresponding day of the adjustment date range.

The number of values provided must match the number of days in the adjustment date range, inclusive. For example, an adjustment date range of June 5-June 7 would need 3 values in this list, one for June 5, one for June 6, and one for June 7.

This attribute is required.