Sign in to the app while parked

Use the Sign-in template to prompt the user to sign in with a PIN code (as shown below) or one of the other 3 sign-in methods.

Add the Long Message template to provide details such as text of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service. These templates are both parked-only templates, so they don’t increment the step count.

Sample flow

User action Where action is performed Step count after action
The user taps a button to sign in to the app. Landing template (not shown) 1
The user sees a code that must be entered on the phone or at a specified URL. Sign-in template (parked-only template)
with PIN
The user enters the code. No template (task continues on phone)
Phone screen with field to enter PIN
1 (task paused)
The user reads the app’s privacy policy (if required). Long Message template (parked-only)
Long Message with two buttons
The app returns to the landing template. Landing template (in this case, Place List template)
Long Message with two buttons
1 (new task)