Grant permissions on phone

When users try to open your app and lack necessary permissions, use the Message template to tell them they need to grant permissions.

In Android Auto, if you have used the method described in Request Permissions, the permissions dialog will open on the phone, as long as the user is not driving (for technical details, visit Handle user input). In this case, provide a toast directing the user to the phone. Then, after permissions are granted, refresh the car screen so the user doesn't return to the Message template.

First, the app requests permissions on the car screen...

...and then the user confirms permissions on their phone when not driving.

Sample flow

User action Where action is performed Step count after action
The user opens the app. On your landing template (not shown) 1
The user selects the option to grant app permissions, then reviews the confirmation toast. First, use the Message template with two buttons to allow users the chance to grant the permissions that they need:

Message template with primary and secondary action buttons

Then, display a toast on that same Message template to direct the user to their phone:

Message template with two buttons and toast

The user grants permission on their phone. No template, as this action occurs on the user's phone:

User taps on Allow button on phone

2 (no interaction with app in car)
After the user grants permissions, the app returns to the landing template. Landing template; in this case, the Place List (navigation) template: Place List template with Recents, Favorites, and Saved lists 1 (step count resets)