List template

The List template presents information items in a list layout.

Lists may be separated into sections using sublists.

This template can be embedded in the Tab template to provide tabbed navigation.

This template can be included in the Map + Content template to provide a list on a map.


  • Optional header. When this template is embedded in the Tab template, the header is replaced with tabs.
  • List items (where the number of items and the amount of text in a row can vary):
    • Number of list items. The number of items allowed to be shown depends on the vehicle. To retrieve the list row limit for a given vehicle, use the ConstraintManager API.
    • Amount of text per item. Secondary text in list rows can be longer than 2 rows when parked. See More list text while parked.
  • Optional floating action button

For more about what rows can include in this template, see Row options for List template only and the examples in Sample flows.

Wireframes of the List template

More list text when parked

The amount of secondary text allowed in each list row varies depending on whether the car is parked or driving. To minimize distraction, text is truncated to 2 lines while driving. Any content intended to be read while driving should be displayed at the beginning of the secondary text.

Example showing more text when the user is parked
When parked, text can be longer than two lines.
Example showing less text when the user is in motion
When driving, text should be truncated to avoid causing distraction.

List template examples

The following Android Auto and Android Automotive OS (AAOS) examples were built using the List template.

List of locations
Example showing a list of recent locations
List of recently-navigated locations

List template UX requirements

App developers:

MUST Include a section header when sections are present.
MUST NOT Mix selectable list rows (rows with radio buttons) with other types of rows or separate them with sections.
SHOULD Present default selections on selectable lists.
SHOULD Have an action associated with each list item (information-only rows are not recommended).
SHOULD Place content in secondary text that is intended to be read while driving near the beginning, to avoid truncation.
SHOULD Include a header with an optional title and primary and secondary actions.
MAY Divide list content into sections.
MAY Mix rows that have toggle switches with other rows as needed.
MAY Update row text and image or icon asset when user changes toggle state.