Media apps

Android for Cars lets you create media browsing and playing experiences (such as music, podcasts, and audio books) that are optimized for car screens and minimize distractions for drivers.

These media experiences feature audio content, rather than video, to limit visual distraction for drivers. Video experiences are discussed in Parked and passenger apps.

Because the basic visual design and interaction model for much of the Android for Cars media experience is determined by Google and car makers, the app developer’s design role is mostly focused on:

  • Creating a browsing structure for the content
  • Supplying branding elements and icons for navigational tabs and custom controls (if needed)

There are also some optional extra steps, such as creating a sign-in flow or settings for the car screen (for AAOS) using the templates in the Android for Cars App Library.

Get started

For step-by-step instructions covering both Android Auto and AAOS, see Create media apps.


For a closer look at the media experience in Android Auto, see Android Auto > Media apps. To see how the experience works in cars with Google built-in, see Automotive OS > Media apps.

UX requirements

Media apps need to meet the Media app requirements.