Search template

The Search template presents a search bar, keyboard, and results list for users to perform searches, such as searching for destinations.

During drives, users can't access the keyboard, but they can use the voice assistant to interact with search and see previous results.

This template can be embedded in the Tab template to provide tabbed navigation.


  • Tabs, if this template is embedded in the Tab template
  • Search bar header with optional action strip
  • List rows for search results (within limits*)
  • Keyboard (when parked), which apps can collapse or expand
Wireframes of the Search template

Search template examples

Search template in parked state
In a parked state, the keyboard is available for typing search terms (Android Auto example)
Search template in driving state
In a driving state, the keyboard is unavailable and the search bar is disabled, but users can choose from past or suggested results shown on the list (Android Auto example)

Search template UX requirements

App developers:

MUST Update the list when a user enters keywords.
SHOULD Provide dynamic content (screen refresh) only to show search results during user input.
SHOULD Either show content or launch a keyboard (if there is no content to show) when opening the template.
MAY Display the keyboard as either expanded or collapsed when a user opens the template in a parked state (the keyboard is unavailable during the driving state).
MAY Provide hint text on the search bar.
MAY Display a default list of past results or other relevant content.