Map template (deprecated)

The Map template presents a compact version of a list (as in the List template) or of a pane (detailed information with prominent actions, as in the Pane template) next to a map.


Wireframes of the Map template

Map template examples

Map template, list of locations
Map template with a list of items, next to a map showing the item locations (Android Auto example)
Map template, pane view
Map template with a pane view showing the details of a parking location with related actions, next to a map showing the parking lot location (Android Auto example)

Map template UX requirements

App developers:

MUST Include at least one row of information if using a pane view.
SHOULD Designate a primary action when providing 2 actions.
SHOULD Make navigation the primary action, when it's included as one of the actions.
MAY Include up to 4 rows of information and 2 actions (in a pane view) OR up to the number of list rows allowed for the vehicle* (in a list view).