Building blocks

The Android for Cars App Library helps you build apps that work with both of the Android for Cars systems: Android Auto (projected from phones into cars) and Android Automotive OS (built into cars).

The Android for Cars App Library:

  • Provides vehicle-optimized templates that you can assemble into task flows to design your app’s user interface
  • Handles important functions such as responsive screen sizing so your app can work effectively in all compatible vehicles (for details, visit Who handles what)
  • Is available for these app categories: Navigation, point-of-interest, Internet of Things (IoT), Voice over Internet Prototcol (VoIP), and weather

This section describes the templates and the components that appear on them. To learn how to design apps using the templates, see Build apps with templates. To find out what requirements the apps should meet, see Templated app requirements.


Descriptions, examples, and requirements for each of the templates


Descriptions and customization options for template components