App types

Android for Cars apps focus on experiences tailored for in-car use, such as navigating and listening to media while driving, or watching videos while parked.

Developers can create apps in various ways (see Design process), depending on the app type. With the Android for Cars app-building templates and driving-optimized UIs, you can quickly design a version of your app that is simple to use while driving. Similarly, the porting process for non-driving apps supports easy creation of parked and passenger experiences.

Communication apps

Create calling and messaging experiences designed for car screens and voice UI

Media apps

Create browsing and playing experiences for audio content such as music and podcasts

Create apps that help users get from their start point to their destination

Create apps that help with trip activities such as getting weather info, finding points of interest, and controlling the garage door

Parked and passenger apps

Adapt apps for non-driving activities, such as video streaming in AAOS vehicles