Enum DateTimeGroupingRuleType


The types of date-time grouping rule.

The examples below assume the spreadsheet locale is "en-US", grouping bucket may be translated based on the spreadsheet locale.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, SpreadsheetApp.DateTimeGroupingRuleType.SECOND.


UNSUPPORTEDEnumA date-time grouping rule type that is not supported.
SECONDEnumGroup date-time by second, from 0 to 59.
MINUTEEnumGroup date-time by minute, from 0 to 59.
HOUREnumGroup date-time by hour using a 24-hour system, from 0 to 23.
HOUR_MINUTEEnumGroup date-time by hour and minute using a 24-hour system, for example 19:45.
HOUR_MINUTE_AMPMEnumGroup date-time by hour and minute using a 12-hour system, for example 7:45 PM.
DAY_OF_WEEKEnumGroup date-time by day of week, for example Sunday.
DAY_OF_YEAREnumGroup date-time by day of year, from 1 to 366.
DAY_OF_MONTHEnumGroup date-time by day of month, from 1 to 31.
DAY_MONTHEnumGroup date-time by day and month, for example 22-Nov.
MONTHEnumGroup date-time by month, for example Nov.
QUARTEREnumGroup date-time by quarter, for example Q1 (which represents Jan-Mar).
YEAREnumGroup date-time by year, for example 2008.
YEAR_MONTHEnumGroup date-time by year and month, for example 2008-Nov.
YEAR_QUARTEREnumGroup date-time by year and quarter, for example 2008 Q4 .
YEAR_MONTH_DAYEnumGroup date-time by year, month, and day, for example 2008-11-22.