Admin SDK Groups Settings Service

The Admin SDK Groups Settings service allows you to use the Admin SDK's Groups Settings API in Apps Script. This API gives administrators of G Suite domains (including resellers) the ability to manage the group settings for groups in their G Suite account.


For detailed information on this service, see the reference documentation for the Admin SDK Groups Settings API. Like all advanced services in Apps Script, the Admin SDK Groups Settings service uses the same objects, methods, and parameters as the public API.

Sample code

The sample code below uses version 1 of the API.

Get a group's settings

This sample gets a group's settings and logs them to the console.

function getGroupSettings() {
  var groupId = '';
  var group = AdminGroupsSettings.Groups.get(groupId);
  Logger.log(JSON.stringify(group, null, 2));

Update a group's settings

This sample shows how a group's settings can be changed. Here, the description is modified, but various other settings can be changed in the same way.

function updateGroupSettings() {
  var groupId = '';
  var group = AdminGroupsSettings.newGroups();
  group.description = 'Newly changed group description';
  AdminGroupsSettings.Groups.patch(group, groupId);

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