Enum Button

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An enum representing predetermined, localized dialog buttons returned by an alert or PromptResponse.getSelectedButton() to indicate which button in a dialog the user clicked. These values cannot be set; to add buttons to an alert or prompt, use ButtonSet instead.

// Display a dialog box with a message and "Yes" and "No" buttons.
var ui = DocumentApp.getUi();
var response = ui.alert('Are you sure you want to continue?', ui.ButtonSet.YES_NO);

// Process the user's response.
if (response == ui.Button.YES) {
  Logger.log('The user clicked "Yes."');
} else {
  Logger.log('The user clicked "No" or the dialog\'s close button.');


CLOSEEnumThe standard close button displayed in every dialog's title bar. This button is not explicitly added to a dialog, and it cannot be removed.
OKEnumAn "OK" button, indicating that an operation should proceed.
CANCELEnumA "Cancel" button, indicating that an operation should not proceed.
YESEnumA "Yes" button, indicating a positive response to a question.
NOEnumA "No" button, indicating a negative response to a question.