Enum SelectionType


Type of Selection.

The SelectionType represents the most specific type of one or more objects that are selected. As an example if one or more TableCell instances are selected in a Table, the selection type is SelectionType.TABLE_CELL. The TableCellRange can be retrieved by using the Selection.getTableCellRange. The Table can be retrieved by using the Selection.getPageElementRange and the Page can be retrieved from the Selection.getCurrentPage.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, SlidesApp.SelectionType.TEXT.


UNSUPPORTEDEnumA selection type that is not supported.
NONEEnumNo selection.
TEXTEnumText selection.
TABLE_CELLEnumTable cell selection.
PAGEEnumPage selection in the thumbnail flimstrip.
PAGE_ELEMENTEnumPage element selection.
CURRENT_PAGEEnumCurrent page selection.