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Apps Script

Groups Service


This service allows scripts to access Google Groups. It can be used to query information such as a group's email address, or the list of groups in which the user is a direct member. Here's an example that shows how many groups the current user is a member of:

var groups = GroupsApp.getGroups();
Logger.log('You are a member of %s Google Groups.', groups.length);


NameBrief description
GroupA group object whose members and those members' roles within the group can be queried.
GroupsAppThis class provides access to Google Groups information.
RolePossible roles of a user within a group, such as owner or ordinary member.

Class Group


MethodReturn typeBrief description
getEmail()StringGets this group's email address.
getRole(email)RoleRetrieves a user's role in the context of the group.
getRole(user)RoleRetrieves a user's role in the context of the group.
getUsers()User[]Retrieves all the direct members of the group.
hasUser(email)BooleanTests if a user is a direct member of the group.
hasUser(user)BooleanTests if a user is a direct member of the group.

Class GroupsApp




MethodReturn typeBrief description
getGroupByEmail(email)GroupRetrieves the group having the specified email address.
getGroups()Group[]Retrieves all the groups of which you are a direct member.

Class Role


OWNEREnumThe owner of a group.
MANAGEREnumThe manager of a group.
MEMBEREnumA user who is a member of this group but is neither an owner nor a manager.
INVITEDEnumA user who has been invited to join a group by an owner or manager of the group but who has not yet accepted the invitation.
PENDINGEnumA user who has requested to join a group but who has not yet been approved by an owner or manager.