Google Apps Script

Container-Specific Triggers

Container-specific triggers are functions that run in response to events that are specific to a container, such as Spreadsheet open events, Spreadsheet edit events, Spreadsheet form submit events, or when a script is installed from the Script Gallery. There are two types of container-specific triggers: simple triggers and installable container-specific triggers. See Understanding Events to learn more about the event types for containers and Understanding Triggers for more details about simple triggers and container-specific installable triggers.

Permissions and Container-Specific Triggers

Simple triggers execute under the identity of the active user. These built-in triggers are not permitted to access user-specific services. Google Apps Script does not allow simple triggers to obtain access to a user's private data, such as data in Calendar, Gmail, or Sites. The onEdit function can write to any cell on a spreadsheet.

Container-specific installable triggers execute under the identity of the user who created the trigger.

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