Google Maps API


The articles are listed per API.

Google Maps JavaScript v3 API

Visualizing data: Mapping earthquakes with the Google Maps API
This Google Developer Academy tutorial shows you how to import data, display that data on a map using simple markers and use symbols and heatmaps to improve the appearance and legibility of your map.
Visualizing data: Combining two data sources on a map
This article explains how to take two data sources, one GeoJSON and one pure JSON, and combine them in a basic map visualisation using the data layer.
Describes the basic techniques for geolocation in web applications.
Too Many Markers!
Presents various techniques that can be used to display a large number of locations or markers.
Election Ratings and Spatial Data with Fusion Tables
Describes how to store, display, and query complex and changing spatial data with Fusion Tables, AppEngine, and Maps.
Fun with MVC Objects
Presents a basic introduction to using MVC objects within Google Maps Javascript API V3 and how to build a resizable distance widget using them.
Using PHP/MySQL with Google Maps
Shows how to use PHP/MySQL and the Google Maps API v3 to create a map that polls data from a database and shows as markers.
Creating a Store Locator with PHP & MySQL
Shows how to create a store locator where users can search for nearest stores to a geocoded location, and see results as markers on a mobile-optimized map, using PHP/MySQL for the backend.
From Info Windows to a Database: Saving User-Added Form Data
Shows how to prompt users to fill out information in an infowindow, and then save that information back into a database.
Geocoding Strategies
An overview of different strategies you can use for making sure you stay within the Google Maps API geocoding limits. This is a good article to read if you find you are frequently running into the quota limits of the Maps API Geocoders.

Google Maps WebServices

Geocoding v3 migration guide
Walks you through the process of migrating your Geocoding API V2 application to use the Geocoding API V3 API.

Google Places API

The following Google Developer Academy courses demonstrate some common use cases of the Google Places API.

Implementing a Basic Place Search
This course walks you through performing a simple query, and parsing the results.
Using Additional Place Search Features
Learn how to use location biasing and keyword suggestions to improve your Places Search queries.
Using Place Autocomplete to Make Search Easier
Learn how to use the Place Autocomplete service to provide a real-time, predictive search service for geographic data.
Adding Place Autocomplete to your Android App
This course walks you through the process of adding the Place Autocomplete service to your Android app.