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There are several different ways to get some help if you're stuck. Depending upon the API you are using, and the kind of information you are looking for, you may wish to post a question on Stack Overflow, or report a bug through our Issue Tracker.

API Coding Questions on
Stack Overflow
Bugs and Feature Requests
Google Maps Android API [google-maps-android-api-2] Issue Tracker
Google Maps SDK for iOS [google-maps-sdk-ios] Issue Tracker
Google Maps JavaScript API [google-maps-api-3] Issue Tracker
Google Static Maps API [google-static-maps] Issue Tracker
Google Street View Image API [google-street-view] Issue Tracker
Google Places API [google-places-api] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Embed API [google-maps-embed] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Directions API [google-direction] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Distance Matrix API [google-distancematrix-api] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Elevation API [google-elevation-api] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Geocoding API [google-geocoding-api] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Geolocation API [google-geolocation] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Roads API [google-roads-api] Issue Tracker
Google Maps Time Zone API [google-maps-timezone] Issue Tracker

Have a question about your code?

Ask a question about your Google Maps application on Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a collaboratively-edited question and answer site for programmers. It's a great place to ask technical questions about developing and maintaining Google Maps applications. The site is especially useful for questions with definite answers.

Members of the Google Maps API team monitor several Google Maps related tags on Stack Overflow. General questions and answers relating to the Google Maps API use the tags. You can look for Google Maps API topics by adding google-maps to your search query.

Before you post

Before posting, please search the group to see if someone has already answered your question. You can search from the group homepage.

As you write your post, please consider the following:

  • Be very clear about your question in the subject — it helps those trying to answer your question as well as those who may be looking for information in the future.
  • Give plenty of details in your post to help others understand your problem. Consider including code snippets, logs, or links to screenshots.
  • If you need help with your map, please include a link to an example web page. Most people will not debug errors in your code without a live web page demonstrating the issue. If you find it difficult to host your code online, use a service like jsFiddle.
  • For further guidance on how to ask quetions on Stack Overflow, please review these Help Center articles:
  • How do I ask a good question?
  • What topics can I ask about here?

Found a bug? Want to ask for a new feature?

If you think you may have found a bug, or if you have a feature request that you would like to share with the Google Maps API team, please file a bug or feature request in our Issue Tracker.

If you are submitting a bug, please include a sample that demonstrates the problem to help us reproduce exactly what you are seeing.

Issue tracker status codes
New This issue/feature request has not been triaged.
PendingFurtherReview This issue has passed initial triage and is waiting for priority review.
Accepted The issue/feature request is valid and we are actively investigating.
NeatIdea Feature request is acknowledged. We are currently evaluating this request but do not have any plans to implement it. Please star to vote and comment to discuss your use case.
NeedsMoreInfo This issue/feature request requires more info from the reporter. Please provide some simple code to reproduce the issue.
Fixed The issue is resolved in a released version.
Invalid This is not a valid bug or feature request. Please refer to our posting guidelines.
Duplicate This report duplicates an existing issue.
WorkingAsIntended The described behavior is working as intended.
CannotReproduce We are unable to reproduce the issue with the information given. Please provide some simple code to reproduce the issue. We cannot accept an issue that we cannot reproduce.
Obsolete This issue was valid, but something has changed. This status may be used for accepted bugs logged against recently unsupported browsers, or deprecated features.
WontFix We will not fix this issue.

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