The Routes API is currently in Preview (pre-GA). Pre-GA products and features might have limited support, and changes to pre-GA products and features might not be compatible with other pre-GA versions. Pre-GA Offerings are covered by the Google Maps Platform Service Specific Terms. For more information, see the launch stage descriptions.
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Get Started

Start building with the Routes API.
Create an account, generate an API key, and start building.
Try the Routes API demo.
Learn about the enhancements added by the Routes API.
Calculate a route using HTTP or gRPC.
Calculate the distance and duration of a route for multiple origins and destinations.
Migrate existing apps that use the Directions API and Distance Matrix API to use the Routes API.
View the Routes REST and gRPC API reference.


Learn about core features of the Routes API.
Two-wheeler refers to two-wheeled motorized vehicles. This mode differs from the bicycle travel mode, which is a human-powered travel mode.
For select cities, you can compute the estimated toll fee for a route in the appropriate currency.
Estimate an eco-friendly route showing the most fuel or energy efficient route based on your vehicle's engine type.
Request information about traffic conditions along a traffic-aware polyline.
Control routes quality vs latency.
Return results as they’re available for faster latency.
Specify if a waypoint is meant to be used for stopping for pick-up or drop-off.