Get Started

Start building with the Places API.
Create an account, generate an API key, and start building.
Return a place based on text input, such as a name, address, or phone number.
Use Java, Python, Go, or Node.js client libraries to work with Google Maps Services on your server.
Add place search and autocomplete functionality to your applications, letting users find places based on a text query or phone number.


Learn about core features of the Places API.
Search for place information about establishments, prominent points of interest, and geographic locations.
Get details about a particular establishment or point of interest.
Add high-quality photos of places to your application.
Add type-ahead autocomplete functionality to your application (search by place name, address, or plus code).
Add on-the-fly geographic query predictions to your application (search by text query, for example "pizza near me").
Get details about a particular place, find the ID for a particular place, and learn more about storing and refreshing place IDs.
Use place types to restrict results from place search and autocomplete requests.
Request and display icons for various types of places.

Example apps

Run live code samples on your local machine and favorite code playgrounds with the Maps JavaScript API.
Use the findPlaceFromQuery() method to locate a place, and add a marker to the map.
Use the getDetails() method to retrieve Place Details for a particular place.
Fetch additional pages of place search results.
Return place predictions in response to text searches.
Capture selected address components for a place, and use them to populate an address form.
Show all of the hotels in a specified place on a map, with on-click details for each hotel.

Help & support

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