Customizing POI Behavior

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With cloud-based maps styling, you can control the behavior and appearance of points of interest (POIs) on the map. POIs can include parks, schools, and government buildings, and appear on the map with their corresponding icons by default.

POI filtering

You can customize which POI categories to display. To set the visibility for a POI category:

  1. In the Style Editor, select the POI category to filter (for example, Shopping).
  2. In the Element type pane, select All to open the Stylers pane.
  3. Under Visibility, select an option:
    • Inherit (default) lets the Maps API decide when to display POIs of this category.
    • On always displays POIs of the chosen POI category.
    • Off never displays POIs of the chosen POI category.
      Filter POIs

POI density control

You can adjust the density of how points of interest are displayed on a map. Increasing the density displays more points of interest of the selected type. Decreasing the density displays fewer points of interest.

To adjust the density:

  1. In the Style Editor, select Points of interest to open the Element type pane.
    Adjust Density
  2. Move the slider at the top of the pane to the desired density. You should see the density of points of interest adjust on the map.
  3. To save the style, select Save.

Illustrated landmark POI markers

Landmarks and prominent places have their own special markers. You can choose from two different marker styles to represent these types of places: Standard POI markers are similar in appearance to other map place markers; Illustrated POI markers feature a more distinctive appearance.

To set the marker style:

  1. Select Points of interest in the Style Editor to open the Element type pane.
    • Select the Standard marker style to display standard POI markers:
      A screenshot of a map showing standard Google POI markers: a tiny white icon on a teardrop-shaped teal icon glyph.
    • Select the Illustrated marker style to display distinctive POI markers:
      A screenshot of a map showing distinctive POI markets: a small black-and-white line art illustration of the POI in question. These markers are about twice to three times the size of a standard POI marker including the marker background.