Place Class Data Fields

Place data fields define the types of Place data to return when requesting place details. This page lists all of the place data fields supported by the Place class.

Fields correspond to Place Details results, and are divided into three billing categories: Basic, Contact, and Atmosphere. See Places API Usage and Billing for more information. Every call always returns an Attribution for each result, which must be shown in your UI.

The following table lists all place data field values supported by the Place class:

Basic Data

Field Place class
Address Component addressComponents
Business Status businessStatus
Formatted Address (ADR) adrFormatAddress
Formatted Address formattedAddress
Location location
Icon icon
Icon Mask Base URI svgIconMaskURI
Icon Background Color iconBackgroundColor
Name displayName
Photo photos
Place ID id
Plus Code plusCode
Type types
URL websiteURI
UTC Offset utcOffsetMinutes
Viewport viewport
Wheelchair Accessible Entrance hasWheelchairAccessibleEntrance

Contact Data Fields

Field Place class (v=beta channel only)
Phone Number nationalPhoneNumber
International Phone Number internationalPhoneNumber
Opening Hours openingHours
Website websiteURI

Atmosphere Data Fields

Field Place class (v=beta channel only)
Curbside Pickup hasCurbsidePickup
Delivery hasDelivery
Dine-in hasDineIn
Price Level priceLevel
Rating rating
Reservable isReservable
Reviews reviews
Serves Beer servesBeer
Serves Breakfast servesBreakfast
Serves Brunch servesBrunch
Serves Dinner servesDinner
Serves Lunch servesLunch
Serves Vegetarian Food servesVegetarianFood
Serves Wine servesWine
Takeout hasTakeout
User Ratings Total userRatingsCount