The Photorealistic 3D Maps in Maps JavaScript class lets you use Google's 3D imagery across your applications. Google now offers a built-in 3D rendering experience, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly incorporate or experiment with 3D Maps.

Here's an example of what you can do with 3D Maps in the Maps JavaScript API:

Key features and capabilities

  • Integrated data + renderer solution: Photorealistic 3D Maps in Maps JavaScript offers a single touchpoint for creating immersive mapping experiences. With built-in rendering and an integrated, places-rich base map, you can simplify development steps and quickly build impressive 3D maps visualizations.
  • Performance: Google's built-in rendering technology allows for fast display and a smooth user experience.
  • Styling: Photorealistic 3D Maps in Maps JavaScript provides support for styling using polylines, polygons, and extruded shapes, allowing you to effectively bring your user's attention to key geographic elements of the real world.
  • Comprehensive data: Google is constantly working to bring more high quality data into the maps platform, to continue to offer best-in-class 3D imagery and a better understanding of the real world.


Review the Photorealistic 3D Maps in Maps JavaScript's supported coverage.

Next steps

  • Check out the Getting started guide to build a "Hello, World!" 3D map.
  • Browse Google's collection of Samples to find one that works for your use-case.