Route Preview template (deprecated)

The Route Preview template presents up to 3 available routes for a selected destination, next to a map.

Route information must include either duration or distance and may also include estimated travel time. As a user selects a route to preview, the app updates the map with a visual representation of the route.


Wireframes of the Route Preview template

Route Preview template examples

Route Preview template with location list
Route Preview template with duration

Two routes, linked to map with numbered markers (Android Auto example)

Three routes, with estimated trip duration shown on map (AAOS example)

Route Preview template UX requirements

App developers:

MUST Present at least 1 route on this template.
MUST Have 1 route selected by default.
MUST Show either duration or distance for routes.
MUST NOT Present more than 3 routes.
SHOULD Highlight the relevant route on the map when a user makes a selection.