Troubleshoot your agent

Business Messages provides a variety of ways to test and troubleshoot your agent. The following list describes different tools you can use to test that your agent is working properly, troubleshoot unexpected behavior, and debug issues:

  • Agent test URL: You can use the agent test URL in the Business Communications Developer Console to interact with your agent on your mobile device. This URL is available before you verify or launch your agent, so you can use it to confirm your messaging infrastructure is working as expected.
  • Location-specific test URLs: If your agent has multiple locations, use location-specific test URLs to access a demo conversation with your agent at a specific location.
  • UserMessage reference page: When debugging your agent, you may want to ensure you're parsing messages from the user correctly. The UserMessage reference page describes all the fields your webhook can read. You can use this information to double-check your implementation.
  • Business Messages Developer Console logs page: To debug message delivery issues, use the Business Messages Developer Console logs page. These logs list every inbound and outbound message. They also show you each message status, so you can see which messages failed to deliver properly.