Start conversations from URLs

You can start conversations with your agent from nearly anywhere you can click a URL. The URL entry point enables URL access to your agent, which you can include in emails, websites, or other messages.

To open an agent's URL, embed it as a link or a button. Copying and pasting or otherwise manually navigating to an agent's URL doesn't work because of browser security measures.

Browser Support

The URL entry point is supported by the following mobile operating systems and web browsers.


Supported browsers:

  • Current version of Chrome
  • Current version of Samsung Browser
  • Current version of Edge
  • Current version of Dolphin

Fallback behavior

If a user opens a URL entry point for your agent, but their device doesn't support Business Messages, they're routed to a fallback URL. You can specify the fallback URL when you generate a URL for your agent.

Your fallback URL should detect user attributes (such as through the browser's user agent) and route the user appropriately.

Use your Agent ID to generate a URL for your agent.

You can track information about a conversation, such as where it originated, by adding a context value in the ctx URL parameter. When you receive messages from conversations opened from a URL, the ctx value appears in the messages' context.customContext field.