Verification is a process to confirm an agent or location's information and the partner's authorization to use them. You must complete a verification for each agent and location before launching it.

When you verify an agent, Business Messages confirms the agent's information with a contact from the brand that the agent represents. Once the brand contact confirms that you can represent the brand with the agent and that the agent information is correct, the agent is verified. Verifications must be completed before you launch an agent.

When you verify a location, Business Messages automatically identifies all other associated locations, creates brand locations for them, associates them with the same agent, and marks the locations as verified.

  • Agent. A conversational representation of a brand, managed by a partner. Includes any interface users interact with and any code or infrastructure required to power the interaction.
  • Location. A physical location of a brand or business.
  • Business Communications API. A product to create, verify, and otherwise manage partners' various Business Communications agents.