Set non-local information

Before users can begin conversations with an agent from non-local entry points, you need to set the agent's non-local information. An agent's non-local information determines which entry points it qualifies for; the more information you specify for an agent, the more entry points that agent can appear on.

Types of information

You can set a variety of non-local information for an agent:

  • Regions (regionCodes) are the countries and localities in which the agent is allowed to launch non-local entry points.
  • Domains (enabledDomains) are associated with the agent and support starting conversations. Required for the sitelinks entry point.
  • Phone number (phoneNumber) overrides other specified phone numbers for conversations started from non-local entry points. Required for the non-local phone entry point.
  • Call deflection phone numbers (callDeflectionPhoneNumbers) identifies phone numbers that should display in the non-local phone entry point.

  • Contact us (contactOption) is a contact URL and contact methods available at that URL.

Edit non-location information

To edit an agent's non-local information,

  1. Open the Business Communications Developer Console and sign in with your Business Messages Google account.
  2. Choose your agent.
  3. In the left navigation, click Agent information.
  4. Under Entry points, check Non-local.
  5. Under Non-local, specify your agent's information in each sub-section.
  6. Click Save.

Once you confirm that the agent's non-local information is correct, you're ready to verify the agent.