ARCore api implementation.


Anchor Describes a fixed location and orientation in the real world. 
Config Holds settings that are used to configure the session. 
Frame Provides a snapshot of AR state at a given timestamp. 
HitResult Defines an intersection between a ray and estimated real-world geometry. 
LightEstimate Provides an interface to query the lighting environment at the current frame. 
Plane Describes the current best knowledge of a real-world planar surface. 
PlaneHitResult Defines an intersection between a ray and plane geometry. 
PointCloud Contains a set of observed 3D points and confidence values. 
PointCloudHitResult Defines an intersection between a ray and a nearby point. 
Pose Represents an immutable rigid transformation from one coordinate frame to another. 
Session Manages AR system state and handles the session lifecycle. 


Anchor.TrackingState Describes the state of an anchor's pose. 
Config.LightingMode Select the behavior of the lighting estimation subsystem. 
Config.PlaneFindingMode Select the behavior of the plane detection subsystem. 
Config.UpdateMode Selects the behavior of update()
Frame.TrackingState Defines the state of the AR tracking system. 
Plane.TrackingState The current tracking state of this Plane. 
Plane.Type Simple summary of the normal vector of a plane, for filtering purposes. 

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