ARCore Developer Preview 2 is now available. See the blog post for more information.


Trackable A Trackable is something that ARCore can track and that Anchors can be attached to. 


Anchor Describes a fixed location and orientation in the real world. 
Camera Provides information about the camera that is used to capture images. 
Config Holds settings that are used to configure the session. 
Frame Captures the state and changes to the AR system from a call to update()
HitResult Defines an intersection between a ray and estimated real-world geometry. 
ImageMetadata Provides access to metadata from the camera image capture result. 
LightEstimate Holds information about the estimated lighting of the real scene. 
Plane Describes the current best knowledge of a real-world planar surface. 
Point Represents a point in space that ARCore is tracking. 
PointCloud Contains a set of observed 3D points and confidence values. 
Pose Represents an immutable rigid transformation from one coordinate frame to another. 
Session Manages AR system state and handles the session lifecycle. 


Config.LightEstimationMode Select the behavior of the lighting estimation subsystem. 
Config.PlaneFindingMode Select the behavior of the plane detection subsystem. 
Config.UpdateMode Selects the behavior of update()
LightEstimate.State Light Estimate States. 
Plane.Type Simple summary of the normal vector of a plane, for filtering purposes. 
Trackable.TrackingState Describes the tracking state of the Trackable. 

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