public static final enum Config.ImageStabilizationMode

Describes the behavior of the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) API. When enabled, EIS smoothes the camera feed and helps correct video shakes in the camera preview. See the Electronic Image Stabilization developer guide for more information.

Not all devices support all modes. Use Session.isImageStabilizationModeSupported(Config.ImageStabilizationMode) to check if a Config.ImageStabilizationMode is supported with the selected camera configuration.

Attempting to use Session.configure(Config) to configure a Config.ImageStabilizationMode mode on a device that that isn't supported, Session.configure(Config) will throw UnsupportedConfigurationException.

The default value is OFF. Use Config.setImageStabilizationMode(Config.ImageStabilizationMode) to set the desired mode.

Inherited Methods

Enum Values


public static final Config.ImageStabilizationMode EIS


public static final Config.ImageStabilizationMode OFF

Image stabilization is off.

This is the default mode.