public static final enum InstantPlacementPoint.TrackingMethod

Tracking methods for InstantPlacementPoint.

Inherited Methods

Enum Values


public static final InstantPlacementPoint.TrackingMethod FULL_TRACKING

The InstantPlacementPoint is being tracked normally and InstantPlacementPoint.getPose() is using a pose fully determined by ARCore.

ARCore doesn't limit the number of InstantPlacementPoints with FULL_TRACKING that are being tracked concurrently.


public static final InstantPlacementPoint.TrackingMethod NOT_TRACKING

The InstantPlacementPoint is not currently being tracked. The TrackingState is TrackingState.PAUSED or TrackingState.STOPPED.


public static final InstantPlacementPoint.TrackingMethod SCREENSPACE_WITH_APPROXIMATE_DISTANCE

The InstantPlacementPoint is currently being tracked in screen space and the pose returned by InstantPlacementPoint.getPose() is being estimated using the approximate distance provided to Frame.hitTestInstantPlacement(float, float, float).

ARCore concurrently tracks at most 20 InstantPlacementPoints that are SCREENSPACE_WITH_APPROXIMATE_DISTANCE. As additional InstantPlacementPoints with SCREENSPACE_WITH_APPROXIMATE_DISTANCE are created, the oldest points will become permanently TrackingState.STOPPED in order to maintain the maximum number of concurrently tracked points.