AnchorNotSupportedForHostingException The anchor used for Session.hostCloudAnchor(Anchor) is not a type of anchor that is currently supported for hosting. 
CameraNotAvailableException Camera is not available during Session.resume() or at runtime during Session.update()
CloudAnchorsNotConfiguredException Cloud anchors are not configured during Session.hostCloudAnchor(Anchor)  
DataInvalidFormatException The data passed in for this operation was not in a valid format. 
DataUnsupportedVersionException The data passed in for this operation is not supported by this version of the SDK. 
DeadlineExceededException Acquire failed because the object being acquired is already released. 
FatalException Thrown when ARCore experiences a non-recoverable internal error. 
ImageInsufficientQualityException An image with insufficient quality (e.g. 
MetadataNotFoundException Thrown when camera image metadata tag is not found. 
MissingGlContextException Thrown when an operation requires GL context (unchecked). 
NotTrackingException Thrown if an operation requires the AR system to be TRACKING (checked). 
NotYetAvailableException Acquire failed because the object being acquired is not yet available. 
PlaybackFailedException Thrown when playback failed. 
RecordingFailedException Thrown when recording failed. 
ResourceExhaustedException Acquire failed because there are too many objects already acquired. 
SessionNotPausedException Thrown if an operation requires ARCore to be stopped (unchecked). 
SessionPausedException Thrown if an operation requires ARCore to be running (unchecked). 
SessionUnsupportedException Thrown if the current session with selected features does not support a specific operation. 
TextureNotSetException Thrown if a texture name was not set by calling Session.setCameraTextureName(int) before the first call to Session.update() (unchecked). 
UnavailableApkTooOldException Thrown when the installed ARCore APK is too old for the ARCore SDK that this application was compiled using. 
UnavailableArcoreNotInstalledException Thrown when the ARCore APK is not installed on this device. 
UnavailableDeviceNotCompatibleException Thrown when the device is not currently compatible with ARCore. 
UnavailableException Subclasses of this exception are thrown when ARCore is not available. 
UnavailableSdkTooOldException Thrown when the ARCore SDK that this application was built with is too old for the installed ARCore APK. 
UnavailableUserDeclinedInstallationException Thrown when ArCoreApk.requestInstall(Activity, boolean) is called after the user had previously cancelled installation. 
UnsupportedConfigurationException Thrown if the configuration supplied to Session.configure(Config) is unsupported (unchecked).