API reference - ARCore SDK for Android NDK (C)

API reference for the ARCore SDK for Android NDK (C).


Concepts High-Level ARCore concepts.
Shared types and enums Shared types and constants.
Utility functions Utility functions for releasing data.
C++ type conversions These functions expose allowable type conversions as C++ helper functions.
ArAnchor Describes a fixed location and orientation in the real world, representing local and Cloud Anchors.
ArAugmentedFace Describes a face detected by ARCore and provides functions to access additional center and face region poses as well as face mesh related data.
ArAugmentedImage An image being detected and tracked by ARCore.
ArAugmentedImageDatabase Database containing a list of images to be detected and tracked by ARCore.
ArCamera Provides information about the camera that is used to capture images.
ArCameraConfig Camera configuration.
ArCameraConfigFilter Filters available camera configurations.
ArCameraIntrinsics Provides information about the physical characteristics of the device camera.
ArConfig Session configuration.
ArCoreApk Functions for installing and updating "Google Play Services for AR" (ARCore) and determining whether the current device is an ARCore supported device.
ArDepthPoint Hit Depth API.
ArFrame Per-frame state.
ArHitResult Defines an intersection between a ray and estimated real-world geometry.
ArImage Provides access to CPU camera images.
ArImageMetadata Provides access to CPU image camera metadata.
ArInstantPlacementPoint Trackable Instant Placement point returned by ArFrame_hitTestInstantPlacement.
ArLightEstimate Holds information about the estimated lighting of the real scene.
ArPlane Describes the current best knowledge of a real-world planar surface.
ArPoint Represents a point in space that ARCore is tracking.
ArPointCloud Contains a set of observed 3D points and confidence values.
ArPose Represents an immutable rigid transformation from one coordinate space to another.
ArRecordingConfig Session recording management.
ArTrack External data recording.
ArTrackData External data track, used by Recording and Playback API.
ArSession Session management.
ArTrackable Something that can be tracked and that anchors can be attached to.


ArImageMetadata_const_entry Defines a single read-only image metadata entry.
ArImageMetadata_rational Defines a rational data type in ArImageMetadata_const_entry.