GARFramePair Class

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GARFramePair Class Reference


Container class for an ARFrame and its corresponding GARFrame.

These two frames will always have the same timestamp. GARFrames do not hold references to ARFrames - ARFrames must be released as quickly as possible to free up resources, or ARKit may be starved. The SDK only holds a reference to the most recent frame pair.

Inherits NSObject.

Instance Method Summary

(instancetype _Nullable) - initWithARFrame:GARFrame:
 Instantiate a GARFramePair with the given frames. More...

Property Summary

ARFrame * arFrame
 The ARKit frame object. More...
 The ARCore frame object. More...

Method Detail

- (instancetype _Nullable) initWithARFrame: (ARFrame *)  arFrame
GARFrame: (GARFrame *)  garFrame 

Instantiate a GARFramePair with the given frames.

arFrameThe ARKit frame object.
garFrameThe ARCore frame object.

Property Detail

- (ARFrame*) arFrame

The ARKit frame object.

- (GARFrame*) garFrame

The ARCore frame object.