GARAnchor Class

GARAnchor Class Reference


ARCore anchor class.

A GARAnchor is an immutable snapshot of an underlying anchor at a particular timestamp. All snapshots of the same underlying anchor will have the same identifier.

Inherits NSObject. Implements <NSCopying>.

Property Summary

matrix_float4x4 transform
 Transform of anchor relative to world origin. More...
NSUUID * identifier
 Unique Identifier for this anchor. More...
NSString * cloudIdentifier
 Cloud anchor identifier. More...
GARCloudAnchorState cloudState
 The cloud anchor state. More...
BOOL hasValidTransform
 Whether or not this anchor has a valid transform. More...

Property Detail

- (matrix_float4x4) transform

Transform of anchor relative to world origin.

This should only be considered valid if the property hasValidTransform returns YES.

- (NSUUID*) identifier

Unique Identifier for this anchor.

isEqual: will return YES for another GARAnchor with the same identifier, and the hash method is also computed from the identifier.

- (NSString*) cloudIdentifier

Cloud anchor identifier.

This will be nil unless the cloud state of the anchor is GARCloudAnchorStateSuccess.

- (GARCloudAnchorState) cloudState

The cloud anchor state.

Indicates the state of the hosting or resolving operation on this anchor, if any.

- (BOOL) hasValidTransform

Whether or not this anchor has a valid transform.