Filter products


You can use inventory filters to exclude certain products from a Shopping campaign.To exclude products from Smart Shopping Campaigns, use negative criteria for listing groups instead.

You can create an inventory filter based on one or more values from fields like Custom label (0-4) or Product type. When you apply an inventory filter to a campaign, only offers that match the filter are advertised. You can create an inventory filter in the Google Ads UI.

The steps in this section use Custom label as an example. You can also do this with other supported feed attributes, like Product type, Brand, or Google product category.

Filters follow AND logic. You only see results that match all of the criteria in your filter.

Manual steps

Here's an example of the manual steps, using the attribute Custom label:

  1. Link Merchant Center to Google Ads.
  2. Sign in to the Google Ads account.
  3. Click an existing campaign that uses your Merchant Center products, or create a new one.
  4. Click Settings in the left sidebar.
  5. Expand the Additional settings dropdown menu.
  6. Click Inventory filter.
  7. In the boxes shown:
    1. Select Custom label 0. Custom label 0-4 are supported.
    2. Enter a value for the custom label.
  8. To filter by multiple values, click AND and repeat the preceding step.

Automatic steps

You can only apply one listing scope per campaign. Each listing scope can include multiple product filters.

Here's an example of the automatic steps, using product_custom_attribute as an example:

  1. Make sure you've successfully created a campaign and have a campaign ID.
  2. Call MutateCampaignCriteriaRequest as follows:
    1. Set the campaign_criterion_operation to create.
    2. Set the product_custom_attribute.index to 0 (0-4 are supported).
    3. Set the product_custom_attribute.value to your desired value for the custom label.
    4. Set the campaign field to the resource_name of the campaign_criterion you created in the preceding step.

Custom label values can be 1 to 100 characters in length, and there can be up to 1,000 unique values account-wide for each custom label attribute (up to 5,000 labels total).

See the Google Ads Shopping example for examples of other kinds of inventory filters and more detail.