Accept link through Google Ads


After you request the link through your Merchant Center account, you can accept the link through Google Ads. You can do this through the Google Ads UI or the Google Ads API.

Manual steps

  1. In the Google Ads UI, click TOOLS & SETTINGS.
  2. Under SETUP, click Linked accounts.
  3. Under Google Merchant Center, click MANAGE & LINK.
  4. Click VIEW REQUEST.
  5. Click APPROVE.
  6. See Approve link request in Google Ads for more detail.

Automatic steps

  1. Use the MerchantCenterLink resource to view your link requests.
  2. Use the MerchantCenterLinkStatus field to view the link status.
    • To approve a PENDING link, set the MerchantCenterLinkStatus field to ENABLED.
    • To reject a PENDING link, remove the MerchantCenterLink object.
    • To unlink an ENABLED link, remove the MerchantCenterLink object.
  3. For more information about this process and example code, see Link your Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts.