Helpers allow the Assistant to quickly and easily ask the user common questions on your behalf. Helpers use a standard, consistent UI that saves you the time and effort of building your own.

Helpers tell the Assistant to take over the conversation to ask the user common questions, such as for their full name, a date and time, or a delivery address. When you request a helper, the Assistant presents the appropriate standard UI to users to ask for this information, so you don't have to design your own. Visit our developer site for more technical guidance.

Types of helpers and what they do

Helper type Info you can ask for Call the helper or get results

User information

  • Display name
  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Coarse/general device location (zip code and city)
  • Precise device location (coordinates and street address

List and carousel option

  • Display a list or carousel UI and let the user select an option.

Date and time

  • Get a date and time from the user.

Account sign-in

  • Have users sign-in to their accounts that are associated with your service.*

Place and location

  • Prompt the user for addresses and other locations, including any home/work/contact locations that they've saved with Google.


  • Ask a generic confirmation from the user (yes/no question) and get the resulting answer. The grammar for "yes" and "no" naturally expands to things like "Yea" or "Nope", making it usable in many situations.