Extend your Android app to the Google Assistant

Provide a faster way for users to access your Android app. Deep link users directly into a specific activity using App Actions or surface relevant content on the Assistant with Slices.

For Android Developers

Provide a shortcut to your app as users talk to the Google Assistant using App Actions. Through the power of Google’s natural language understanding, the Assistant handles the user request and translates it to a deep link into your app.

How to build

Review the available built-in intents definitions and match them with key functionalities in your app.

2. Implement App Actions

Create an Actions.xml file so the Assistant can take users directly to specific activities in your Android app.

3. Add Slices

Update your Actions.xml file to surface key information from your app directly in the Assistant as an Android Slice.

4. Test and deploy

Use the App Actions test tool in Android Studio to make sure that your Action works and is ready for deployment.

News and resources

Extend Your Android App to the Google Assistant (Google I/O'19)

App Actions sample

Download and try the App Actions fitness sample on GitHub.

App Actions codelab

Learn the basics of extending an Android app with App Actions, including adding inline inventory and using the App.

Start building in Android Studio