Help your users take action with the Google Assistant

Join thousands of companies and developers leveraging Google's natural language understanding technology to help their users find answers and get things done with the Google Assistant.

Be more action-oriented

The Google Assistant helps users buy products, book appointments, find stores, and more. Whatever your business does, the Assistant can help your users get things done.

Give your brand a voice

Digital assistants are changing the way consumers interact with businesses. Build Actions to connect your brand directly with your users through voice.

Be available anytime, anywhere

The Assistant helps people get things done all day—at home, on the go, and in the car. Make sure your users can get the best of your brand anytime on any device.

Be everywhere your users are

1 billion+ devices

Available on over 1 billion devices like smart speakers, displays, phones, auto, and more.

80 countries, 30+ languages

Reach users all over the world in English, Dutch, Hindi, and many more languages.

Smart displays

Devices with screens make it easy for users to quickly scan lists or make selections in common use cases like shopping or product browsing.


These devices use only voice and audio for their user experience that make hands-free interactions and multi-tasking easy for users.


Phones are multimodal, combining voice and visual interactions like Smart Displays, but with the added benefit of mobility.

Feature and entry-level phones

Reach your next billion users on Android Go for entry-level smartphones and KaiOS, a feature phone operating system that supports the Google Assistant.

New Actions added every day

Some of the world's favorite brands have already created Actions for the Google Assistant. See what they are doing in our Assistant directory.


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