Free listings

You can use freelistingprogram.get to get the current status of free listings for a specific region.

See the Shopping ads guide for problems with your Shopping ads, and the Account Statuses guide for account information and issues.

Merchants are responsible for complying with the free listings policies. Google Shopping reserves the right to enforce these policies and respond appropriately if we find content or behavior that violates these policies.


You can use the freelistingprogram.get method to get the current status of your free listings. This method requires your merchantID and returns an instance of freelistingprogramstatus with the current approval status and review eligibility. If your free listings are enrolled in multiple regions, get returns a freelistingprogramstatus resource for each region.


Here's a sample response:

  "globalState": "NOT_ENABLED",
  "regionStatuses": [
      "regionCodes": [
      "eligibilityStatus": "DISAPPROVED",
      "reviewIssues": [
      "onboardingIssues": [
      "disapprovalDate": "2013-02-25",
      "reviewEligibilityStatus": "INELIGIBLE",
      "reviewIneligibilityReason": "IN_COOLDOWN_PERIOD",
      "reviewIneligibilityReasonDescription": "Cool down applies: Wait for one-week cool-down period to end before you can request a review from Google. End of cool down is 2013-02-30",
      "reviewIneligibilityReasonDetails": {
        "cooldownTime": "2013-02-30"

There are three cases where an issue has the severity WARNING:

  • Warnings that turn into disapprovals if you don't resolve them by the deadline.
  • Warnings that don't have a deadline or turn into disapprovals, but limit the impressions for your products.
  • Warnings that don't have a deadline and don't impact the impressions for your products.

This method returns errors and warnings if they require action to resolve, will become disapprovals, or impact impressions. Use account statuses to view all issues impacting an account, regardless of severity.


Some issues require a review of your free listings. You can use the freelistingprogram.requestreview method to request a review after making changes. This method requires your merchantId and regionCode, and returns an empty response body if completed successfully.

You need to do the following before you can request a review:


After a successful request, the eligibilityStatusof your account changes to PENDING_REVIEW.