Approve links

After a link request has been sent by a partner, the receiving merchant must approve the link before it becomes active. This is normally done by approving the request in the Partners tab of Google Merchant Center. However, links can also be approved programmatically by using the method.


To approve the link sent from partner 123456789 in the Requesting links example, the client merchant 98765 can send an approve action with linkedAccountId set to partner ID 123456789.

Note that the services list only contains one of the two originally requested services in the example request. This selectively approves the shoppingAdsProductManagement service, and leaves the request to link the shoppingActionsOrderManagement service in pending status.

  "linkedAccountId": "123456789",
  "linkType": "eCommercePlatform",
  "services": ["shoppingAdsProductManagement"],
  "action": "approve"

The next section describes how to remove existing links.