Phone verification

Phone verification consists of two Accounts methods that you can use to add and verify phone numbers for a merchant account. Phone numbers submitted through phone verification replace phone numbers you may have submitted through accounts.AccountBusinessInformation.

Phone verification is strongly recommended for all new and existing merchants. Your account may otherwise be suspended with the account status issue PENDING_PHONE_VERIFICATION until you verify a phone number.

There are two required steps to verify a phone number:

  1. Call accounts.requestphoneverification to start a phone verification request.
    Enter your two-letter region code.
    Enter your phone number.
    Choose a verification method (SMS or PHONE_CALL).
  2. Call accounts.verifyphonenumber to verify the phone number.
    Enter the verificationId from Step 1.
    Enter the 6 digit verificationCode sent to your phone.
    Enter the phoneVerificationMethod used.
    This call returns a verifiedPhoneNumber. This phone number is now verified.

You can check the status of your account's phone verification in AccountBusinessInformation.phoneVerificationStatus.


Start the phone number verification process by passing the phoneRegionCode, phoneNumber and phoneVerificationMethod into accounts.requestphoneverification. This call returns averificationId.

You can use the optional languageCode field to verify in a language other than the default (US English).

You can try to verify the same phone number a maximum of five times every four hours.


Here's a sample call:

  "phoneRegionCode": "US",
  "phoneNumber": "phoneNumber",
  "phoneVerificationMethod": "SMS",
  "languageCode": "en-US"

Here's a sample response:

  "verificationId": "2-47b7ef80ff494daf8079f4808e750dcb-1626331725036"


Verify the phone number for the account by passing the verificationId from accounts.requestphoneverification, the six-digit verificationCode sent to your phone, and the phoneVerificationMethod you used, for example SMS, into accounts.verifyphonenumber. This call returns the verified phone number in a standard fomat for your region.

Your initial verification request expires after 15 minutes. After that you must initiate a new phone verification request before calling accounts.verifyphonenumber.


Here's a sample call:

  "verificationId": "verificationId",
  "verificationCode": "verificationCode",
  "phoneVerificationMethod": "SMS"

Here's a sample response:

  "verifiedPhoneNumber": "(123) 456-7890"


You can check the status of your account's phone verification in the AccountBusinessInformation.phoneVerificationStatus field.

Call the accounts.get method with an accountId and merchantId to view your account's business information: