List links

Both Shopping partners and individual merchant accounts can have multiple flagged links between their accounts and others. The listlinks method returns a list of all these links for the merchant center account making the API call. It does not require any parameters and is invoked using an HTTP GET request.

Service status

When listing links, responses will show a status for each individual service within a link. Merchants have the option to either approve all listed services or only a subset of those proposed in the request.

Services start out in a pending status until explicitly approved by a merchant. After they are approved, services have an active status.

Removed services will show a status of inactive if there are other pending or active services also present. Once all services comprising a link are removed, the link will no longer be returned by the listlinks method.

Example request

To list the link request sent by partner 123456789, send a GET request with no parameters using the listlinks method.


Example response

In this example, the merchant 98765 has yet to approve the request, so the individual services have a pending status.

    "linkedAccountId": "98765",
    "services": [
            "service": "shoppingAdsProductManagement",
            "status": "pending"
            "service": "shoppingActionsOrderManagement",
            "status": "pending"

The next section describes how to approve a linking request.