Account linking overview

The Content API’s method allows a Google Shopping partner to programmatically flag a relationship between their own Merchant Center account and those of other merchants. This link describes the services that the partner provides to those linked merchants. The list of services can include features such as product data management for Shopping ads or order management for Buy on Google. The full list of supported services can be found on the Requesting Links page.

After a partner sends a link request via the Content API, merchants can manage their account links in the Google Merchant Center user interface.

Request and approval workflow

Flagging a relationship between partner and another merchant with a link is a multi-step process. To initiate a link, a partner first sends a request to a merchant. After the request is received, the merchant must then approve it.

The link flagging process can be managed using the Content API and generally comprises the following steps. The subsequent sections of this guide describe each step in more detail.

  1. Partner sends an account link request.
  2. Both merchant and partner can view a list of existing and pending links.
  3. Merchant accepts the link.
  4. Either merchant or partner can remove a link at any time.

The next section describes how a partner sends a link flagging request.