Content API for Shopping

What is the Content API for Shopping?

The Google Content API for Shopping provides a series of Atom feeds that enable you to manage product items, users, and subaccounts:

  • The product item feed lets you retrieve, insert, update or delete product data. If you're managing a large number of items, use batch processing.

    Unlike data feed uploads made through the Google Merchant Center, using the API means you can, and should, submit only those items that have changed.

  • The product inventory feed lets you update local store inventories for listing on Google Local Shopping.

  • The data quality feed lets you see any data-quality issues with your product data, such as: availability of the submitted item page, price mismatches, and trademark violations.

  • The user management feed lets you manage merchant account users and set their access permissions.

  • The subaccounts feed lets you manage your client accounts as well as the the data feeds for those accounts.

Note: The Content API for Shopping is a Google Data API, if you're familiar with the protocol jump right in with the Quickstart.

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